Ben Aaron and The Nameless Dance Walk Guru Are on to Something. Here’s what it is…

If you haven’t already seen it, Ben Aaron from NBC hit upon a successful viral video not long ago, when he was recording on the streets of New York and had a chance encounter with a man whom at the time he had no idea who he was, but he was just dancing. Walking, and dancing. Down the streets. It was awesome.

So they danced together, leaving their inhibitions at the door, and looking foolish, but having fun.

The thing that’s not touched on here is something that you should really take to heart. I’m not sure if he knew he was doing it at the time, but Ben has become the catalyst for a movement. He’s what Derek Sivers calls the first follower, and he’s done it with tremendous style, and reach.

That’s the thing about being a leader, which Joe, AKA The Nameless Dance Walk Guru, has hit on without knowing it. You have to have the courage to stand out and look silly. I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s first reaction upon seeing Joe on the video was to question his sanity, but as the video progressed, and I saw Ben join in, and then I saw Ben encouraging other people to join in, and they did, Joe became less crazy to me. In short, he became a leader, someone who had hit on something I had missed.

He was having fun, enjoying himself, to hell with what everyone else thought. But he was welcoming, warm, and didn’t feel as if Ben was mocking him, didn’t take offense to the random stranger joining in. He was the epitome of what a leader should be.

Watch the Derek Sivers TED Talk below where he discusses how to start a movement, using as his example yet another dancing fool who created his own movement in less than 3 minutes.

So why this post? Because I feel leadership, but more importantly the ability to follow effectively, is lacking in our younger generation. We need to encourage people to become that “first follower”, encourage them to look ridiculous, to venture out into the world and find someone doing something that others think is crazy, but that they are 100% positive is the way to go. And when they find that person, to follow them, and encourage others to follow. Get the movement going, and suddenly you’re no longer pushing the movement, the movement is pushing you.

Or dance walking you through the grocery store.