How To Buy A Coffee With A Single Stock Trade In 10 Minutes

I’ll admit, I struggled with the title for this post. Mainly because it puts a lot of pressure on me. As I write this, I’m just at the start of the strategy. That said, I have full faith in the strategy, and wanted to give myself something to push me forward. The strategy that I’m talking about is trading stocks (surprise) with Why Robinhood?

Free commissions.

Moo, bitches...

Say what?

That’s right. Free commissions. I’ve talked about before, but it wasn’t until this week that I was able to finally trade with the app, because it took them this long to get an Android app put together. I invested $10 to test it out. That’s where the title of this post comes in. My goal isn’t to make millions, it’s to trade enough in a single trade to buy myself a cup of coffee.

My coffee costs $2.80.

So there we have it, I have to trade 28% of my original $10 in a single trade. Will I do that in a single trade? Hell no. It’s going to take some build up. And in fact, I’ve actually already been working on that.

I deposited my initial $10 on August 18th, 2015. Today is August 26th, 2015 as I write this. My portfolio sits at $10.72. For those keeping track at home that’s a 7.2% of the original invested amount. And I’ve even lost money on a trade. Once. Just once.

So what’s my strategy? It’s actually really simple. Small gains. I head over to Yahoo Finance or Capital One Investing (Previously Sharebuilder) and look for penny stocks that are showing high fluctuations for the day. I want them to be pretty consistent spikes, or at least trending one direction or the other. Once I know the trend, I aim to buy at the low end of the spike, and sell at the middle of the spike.

Why the middle?

I don’t want to risk too much, so I put a limit sell order on the middle price, and then I watch. I do the middle because it let’s me change the price if I think it’s skyrocketing again, but it also let’s me have a point to hold out for if the spike is slow. You see, I want to be in and out of a stock within a few minutes. I don’t want to hold for an hour or two. That’s too risky. I want to be able to pick it up at $0.40/share, and sell it at $0.425/share within a few minutes.

I’ve made some decent trades this way. Once I make a profit, I buy more stock. This let’s me compound the benefit. The plan is to cash out once I hit $20, which will let me risk as much or as little as I want, because at that point my initial investment, my cash capital, is out of harms way. I will only ever break even at that point. Thus, I can’t lose.

Yea, yea, but what about the Coffee?

My average profit on a trade is 6.5%, which means to make the $2.80 in a single trade, I will then surpass my $20 goal, and be able to cash out. Do I think that’s going to happen soon? Who knows. You’re only as profitable as your last trade.


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