Opportunistic or Reckless

There’s a vast difference between being opportunistic and being reckless, but sometimes it’s hard to tell which you’re being, because even though they’re two very different things, they look so similar. This is even more apparent when the focus is your career. People may feel as if you’re facing a decision that shouldn’t be a concern, you have a good thing going, and it takes a vast amount of stupidity to screw that up.

Unless what you’re doing isn’t screwing up, but moving forward. Grabbing the opportunities provided to you, and running with them.

So how can you tell what you’re being? Well, it’s actually easier to tell than you’d think. Reckless decisions are quick, not considered, and more often than not they end up with you in a worse position than you were in to begin with. Opportunistic decisions have been thought about, even if only for a few brief moments, enough thought has been put into them to justify the decision. This thought has led you to believe that taking that opportunity is going to move you forward, in the direction that you’d like to go.

I’ve had the pleasure of making more than my fair share of reckless decisions, as well as taking more than my fair share of opportunities. The more you work for what you have, the more opportunities present themselves.

It’s important to remember that all opportunities can be reckless decisions, but no opportunistic choice is a reckless decision.


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