The Passive-preneure Released

The Passive-preneur

The Passive-preneur

The Passive-preneure was released today, and will soon be available world wide (only in English) on Kindle. It’s priced at $2.99, and is easily worth every penny. We’ve discussed what it is in the past, but basically it’s an indepth look at passive income, and how to make a living using it. It’s no-nonsense, and no bullshit, you’re not going to “get rich quick” or “make millions online in just 6 short weeks” because those are called scams, and they don’t work.

No, what The Passive-preneure does is teach you the true, sustainable, methods of making money both on and off line, in a passive way. It shows you some methods, and gives you an idea of how risky or difficult they are to setup. If you’ve ever considered making money passively, you need this book. So go, now, go buy it. I’ll wait.

Pick Up Your Copy of The Passive-preneure on Amazon right now!

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