New Book: The Passive-preneur

The Passive-preneur

The Passive-preneur


The Passive-preneur is set to release later this month. I’m finishing up edits, and waiting for responses from people whom I’ve sent emails to, but if all goes well you’ll be seeing it on Amazon by the end of February. I’ve consolidated a lot of knowledge into this book.

Basically it’s a book explaining different types of passive income in detail, rating each. It also explains exactly what a Passive-preneur is, which I’ve touched on in the past, but felt it needed further explanation in book-form. If you ever intend to make money passively, you need to read this book. It will help you get through the haze of starry eyes, and get your shit straight, so you’re prepared for the reality that is the Passive-preneur lifestyle.

You’ll be able to find the book on Amazon, and potentially other marketplaces, before I’m finished. But for now, keep an eye out here and on the Books page.

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