Generation of Entitlement

Age on Entitlement

Age on Entitlement

I write a lot about giving back to the community, and about helping people out financially. This post is the flip side of that. I just recently read another blog post which stated that the 1%ers need to give back their money, or they need to hire people on. This irritated me. Not that I don’t believe they should do these things, because I do, I just don’t believe they need to.

We live in an age of entitlement, where everyone thinks that just because they have it hard and someone else has it good they deserve to have what the other person has. This isn’t the case, and I despise that thought. Growing up how I did, being lower middle class, stumbling back and forth across the poverty line, I was faced with this myself, and in fact I believed at times that I was owed for the suffering that I had to endure.

And then I grew up and realized that’s not how the world works. Just because I had it hard growing up doesn’t mean I’m entitled to a thing, it just means I have a set of experiences that can guide me as I move forward. And they do. Every single day I look back on where I’ve come from, and I look at what I have today, and no, I may not be a 1%er, and I may still be in debt. But I’m no longer straddling the poverty line. I have a steady job, which I earned by impressing the recruiter. I have a marketable skillset, which I contract out on a freelance basis to get a little extra money. I work my ass off, and invest wisely, and I make no excuses.

I am to blame for any mistakes I make.

I am equally to credit for everything positive that happens in my life.

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