A Tip for Rural Landlords

Rural America

Rural America

I live in the sticks. I don’t live in an urban environment, and I prefer it that way. I know I’m not alone. For that reason, I’m constantly searching out rural rentals. I love to surround myself with trees and nature, and that setting alone is worth it.

But some rentals are harder to rent in a rural environment. If you’re finding it hard to rent yours, here’s one trick that you might try:

Target a Niche

In a rural environment you have the opportunity to do a lot more with your land than an urban setting. You might be able, given enough land, to rent the entire property out as farm land. Or, you could add solar panels as discussed in a previous post, and target the green movement. Provide on-site composting capabilities, and you have the chance to target a very niche group of people that may seem “odd” to you if you’re not of the same mindset, but that doesn’t make them worse tenants.

Being a landlord isn’t about molding your tenants into being like you want them. It’s about molding your properties to find the best suited tenants for those situations.

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