Monetizing Caring

There’s a big misconception in the world, as I’ve touched on in previous posts, about charity and how we perceive it. I agree that there are times when you can do things strictly because they’re the right think to do. Or maybe just the kind thing to do. But, there are other times when doing those things could put a financial burden on yourself. It’s those times when you don’t do things, because to do them you’d have to find a way to make money from them. And in public opinion, that would be bad. People look at it as you earning money from the pain and suffering of the world, and that’s wrong.

But, if we really think about it, you’re making money from the recovery, and caring of the world. Not the pain and suffering. Just this week I’ve launched a Facebook app called “The Lonely Road” with my business partner. Now, this app originated as strictly a charitable idea. We have another app that is very similar, but more satirical in nature. That app started being used in a more serious nature, and it occurred to me that there might be a use for such a serious app. The app allows you to post your story about suicidal thoughts, depression, pain, anything really, just something that you’re feeling, that’s eating you up inside, that you really need to get off your chest, but you can’t for fear that those who know you will find out, and hate you. This app allows you to do that by being completely anonymous.

Now, I’ve said from the start that if I help just one person with this app, I’ll consider it a success. But, while it’s running, it costs me money. So yes, I’ve placed ads on this app. Just like any other app on Facebook would do, it is attempting to make money. Do I expect to get rich off this app? No, I do not. Will I be happy if the app simply pays for itself? Yes, I will. But, there are many out there that would consider me unethical simply for having the ads there. In fact, it was quite the internal struggle deciding to keep the ads. But I do. Because I believe in the underlying goal for the app, and I understand that to get it to that point, there needs to be capital income.

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