Give Them What They Want

I’m a game maker, that’s my day job. I create games that other people play. What I’ve learned from this, I’ve adopted for my views on capitalism. I find that you can make more money while helping more people by just listening to what they want. Recently I’ve been approached by quite a few people who are tired of the game they play, and who know me, and trust me. I’ve developed that trust over years of listening to them, giving them advice, and taking advice from them. They’ve contacted me, telling me that they’re not being listened to, that they’re missing that something in this current game, and want me to make my own. So what does this mean for capitalism?

Listen When Your Competitors Customers Complain

The best way to be competitive is to listen to your competitors customers. Why? They’re the ones spending the money. If they’re complaining, you can figure out how to fix those complaints. Even if you are identical companies, if you can figure out how to make those customers stop complaining, they will turn to you and start spending their money with you.

Read Between The Lines

Users are great sources of information, but if you’re only listening to what they’re saying, and assuming that they’re saying exactly what they want, you’re going to get it wrong more than half the time. Users don’t know what they want. They know what they think they want, but they, more often than not, don’t want that. They want something similar to what they’re saying, and you can figure this out by listening to the subtext of what they’re saying, and how they’re saying it.

All in all, I’m saying what everyone has always said. The customer is always right. I’m just saying, that sometimes, they’re absolutely wrong.

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